Here are some of the best writing apps that can help make writers write better

We were recently sad to hear the passing of Joan Didion, the prolific writer who has inspired a generation of writers with her distinct writing style, ideas, and chronicles of modern culture. The American journalist and essayist passed away December 23rd at the age of 87, but her words live on, not only in her published works, but in her valuable musings about the writing life. She was once quoted saying “all I know about grammar is its infinite power,” but nothing rings so true for us here content creators at Transeo than when she said “I think of writing anything at all as a kind of high-wire act.” Indeed, writing can at times, if not always, seem like you are walking on a tight rope suspended high above ground. Writing is hard. Writing takes time. Writing takes tremendous skill. 

We believe that writing, in itself, can be mastered with time. But even great writers succumb to writer’s block when they write. When that happens, writers often turn to tools or techniques to help them create and finish what they started writing. It could be as simple as taking a nap, making a cup of coffee, cleaning one’s room or going for a long walk in between paragraphs, pushing themselves to just write or, as we live in a highly modern world, use online writing apps that could aid in one’s writing, especially if you need to power through a deadline. A simple google of “best writing app software” on the web and a window click would give you countless resources, but we’ve narrowed down a list to share with you some of our favorite applications you can try yourself, whether you want to write an essay, produce a book, or create a blog post:


The cloud-based writing assistant is one of the most popular apps for writers. The app, which is available on your mobile and web helps detect grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as offers suggestions for style and tone of voice. How it works is that it utilizes AI to identify and pinpoint mistakes while suggesting edits for the copy. The corrections are in real time, while you write, and you can use it for any text online, whether it is on your email, documents, or social media platforms like LinkedIn. While using Grammarly is free and you can easily install it as an extension on your browser, the company also offers a premium version with better features such as advance suggestions, clear sentence rewrites, tone adjustments, and plagiarism check. 

For mobile writing, Grammarly has also launched a Grammarly Keyboard app. Available on ios and Android, it is the best tool if you are looking for apps that help writers with editing their texts on-the-go.


Available on Windows and Mac for web, as well as on Android and iOS for mobile, Evernote has been around for quite some time, but if you haven’t made use of this tool to help you in your writing, we think now is the best time to try! The notable note-taking app is great for storing content or resources, which writers like yourself can use for your future writing. You can also use it as a tool to write notes and for formatting and saving your draft while on-the-go.

Microsoft Word/Google Docs

There’s the age-old question: Which one is the best: Microsoft Word or Google Docs? Each has its own strengths, but we would say that both are pretty similar in terms of use and it’s just a matter of what project are you working on, what kind of content are you doing and for what, how much time you have, and, of course, your preference. Microsoft Word from MS Office, of course, is the classic and has more sophisticated features specific to writing, but Google Docs, which is integrated to your Google Drive, is preferred for texts that are more collaborative. Using these apps, which are available for web and mobile (iOS and Android), can help with spelling and grammar suggestions, voice/dictation typing, distraction free options, and a straightforward and no-fuss document translator.


“My aim is to put down on paper what I see and what I feel in the best and simplest way.” Those are the words of Ernest Hemingway, the master storyteller known for his simple yet impactful style of writing, and who has given us eternal classics such as A Moveable Feast and For Whom The Bell Tolls. It goes without saying that the app Hemingway is named after the famous author, and aims to guide writers to create content that is both bold and clear. How does the Hemingway editor work? The app simply highlights complex sentences, it lets you mouseover words for better alternatives, and encourages you to omit unnecessary words or adverbs.


Another platform for writers is ProWritingAid. And while it has the word pro on its name, you can try the app price free! The text/manuscript editing software provides many features that professionals need to write and create content for their project, whether it’s for an article or a book. Among our favorite features of the app include its powerful editing tool that highlights elements like repetition, redundancy, sentence length, passive voice, adverbs, and spelling & grammatical errors, as well as thousands of alternatives and suggestions to improve grammar, fluency, and readability. Aside from that it also has learning elements such as in-depth explanations, videos, and quizzes, which could only improve your skills as a writer. For business owners, the app also offers a team account with free trial. As of writing, ProWritingAid does not have mobile applications for Android or iOS devices, but it’s available on your Mac or Windows for web.


Aside from knowing the difference between their and they’re, patience to proofread, and diligence to write, rewrite and edit, useful skills writers need are great time management and focus. The latter is so important that a lot of apps have actually implemented distraction free features, but no app takes such features as seriously as FocusWriter. If you are pressed for time, this free English app basically strips down everything to the very essentials with its hide-away interface. But that doesn’t mean that focus is all it doesn, it also has TXT and RTF, and ODT file support, optional spell check (and typewriter sound effects, in case that helps with your writing!), alarms, and even a 20-language translator.


If you are looking for a good and free writing app alternative to the Scrivener app, Notion may be a good option. We know that Notion is a workspace and many companies use the web software for its unique features. With Notion, companies can actually have one tool for writing, knowledge sharing, project shipping, and collaboration. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Notion for Writing can also be used by writers who need help organizing their research or thoughts, as well as draft text for your content or even book. On top of its writing dashboard, it also has a word count tracker, chapter list, as well as an ever-valuable setting, character, and word building board. Notion is available on iOS and Android, as well as on Mac and Windows for the web.


If you need apps to help with your long-form writing assignments, Scrivener might be your best tool. The downloadable outliner and program has been created with every need of an author in mind. Aside from a management system, writers can also use it as an organizer for notes, writing, and research and templates for whatever type of content they are trying to make or write, may it be a book or an academic paper. One thing to note though: as of press time, Scrivener is not entirely price free, but it does have a free trial period you can use for 30 days.


Ulysses is one of the best writing apps around and it’s great if you especially write a lot and need a tool that can help you edit and format. Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, it is made for managing content projects with its advanced built-in grammar and style checker. It is also available in over 20 languages and converts your writing into PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, and blog posts, which saves every writer a ton of time. It’s easy to use and also has a beautiful web interface, which can be motivating for any writer. While it’s not available to use for free, you can try it for free for 14 days with no strings attached. 


If you are a writer, author, or editor, you’ve probably heard of Reedsy. The free app is one of the best apps that helps connect writers from all over the world through its huge network. But aside from that, it also features a writing tool function. Its function is to help authors write, edit, and typeset their book, so they can see their work through completion with ease.