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Our operation step by step

The realization of your projects goes through 4 simple steps at Transeo which guarantee you the best quality and content that perfectly meets your expectations for both the user and the search engines.

Project evaluation

First step: evaluate your project together, in order to determine the price and the delivery time. A clear briefing is drawn up for the attention of the editor who will process the order. This briefing is verified in consultation to ensure that all your requirements are transmitted.

Editors Recommendation

Transeo can recommend web editors based on the specifics of the project, the expected terminology and the client’s editorial strategy. Depending on the volume to be processed, this may be a single web editor or a group of editors selected for their expertise.

Test phase

A first test order is then launched, which allows, if necessary, to adjust the content of the briefing by providing clarifications or modifications.

Project launch

After feedback and evaluation of the first test order, the project can be launched as a whole, with the assurance of quality content and precisely in line with expectations, both from the point of view of style and tone and structure, length, or keywords to integrate for SEO optimization.

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The strengths of the Transeo editorial agency why trust us?

Transeo offers its customers quality services and provides them with modern and practical features. With copywriting services in 8 different languages, our agency caters to a wide audience in Europe.


If one of your requirements in terms of style, structure or content strategy was not fully respected, the revision of the texts is free and carried out in a very short time.

budget management

The Transeo platform allows you to manage your budget in real time: a dashboard that can be consulted at any time allows the customer to have an overview of the sums spent monthly per order. Our order management and tracking platform is designed to provide you with a high quality user experience.

Respect of deadlines

We guarantee compliance with the delivery times defined in advance with the client and adapt the number of writers we assign to each project according to the volume to be produced. Transeo is thus able to ensure a large production capacity to quickly complete high-volume article writing or content marketing projects .

The guarantee of high quality web content

Quality is the primary requirement of the Transeo web editorial agency. Specialist in online editorial, our company guarantees irreproachable multilingual content from the orthographic and syntactical point of view, as well as adaptation to the target audience and to the editorial charter of the medium. We thus offer the writing of content to your family and convivial, informative, literary, marketing or even technical, with the use of specific terminologies according to the field of expertise concerned.

Tailor-made SEO optimized content

The choice of editors is one of Transeo’s strengths, which enables the agency to deliver content to its clients that meets each of their requirements. In addition to the guarantee of high-quality editorial and unique content, there is the possibility of integrating SEO optimization to be on the first page (natural referencing), lists of keywords at different densities automatically checked by the platform when the order is published, specific structures (H1, H2, H3, meta-title, meta-description, call to action), internal links (internal linking) and external links.

The method of recruiting our editors

To provide its clients with services of constant quality, the web content creation agency Transeo recruits its writers on a test basis. Transeo employees are selected on the basis of their qualifications and skills . Their work is subject to permanent evaluation , through the validation and rating of each project. The specialties and areas of expertise of each editor in the community are carefully assessed in order to distribute the projects with relevance and to provide the client with the best content for his website.

Our expertise in web content writing our strengths

Avec une communauté de rédacteurs sélectionnés pour leurs qualités rédactionnelles mais aussi pour leurs compétences dans différents secteurs, l’agence de rédaction web multilingue Transeo offre un large champ d’expertise à ses clients. Nous répondons aux exigences structurelles et stylistiques propres aux articles de blog et aux communiqués de presse comme aux fiches produits et aux descriptions de catégories, aux récits et conseils de voyage, aux portraits et aux descriptions de parcours, aux promotions et aux descriptions de prestations, aux avis d’utilisateurs ou à la présentation d’évènements. L’agence Transeo propose aussi un service de relecture et de réécriture de textes pour modifier votre contenu dupliqué, optimiser le référencement de vos pages en ajoutant du contenu SEO, ou améliorer les qualités rédactionnelles de vos articles. Nous travaillons avec des rédacteurs aguerris dans les secteurs très variés du tourisme, de l’e-commerce, de la mode, du design et de la décoration intérieure, des ressources humaines, de la finance, de l’immobilier, du sport, de l’industrie, de la jeunesse, des animaux, ou encore du haut-de-gamme. Nous sommes ainsi à même de répondre à des exigences de ton et de vocabulaire propres aux secteurs du marketing comme de la presse, à celui du luxe comme à celui des finances.

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